About Academics

PRE PRIMARY WING - The approach at Pre Primary is 'Child Centered'. "Play While Learn and Learn While Play" is the main objective at this level. Emphasis is given on imparting knowledge of the world around the child, developing linguistic & creative skills, fine & gross motor skills.

PRIMARY WING - The approach at this level is 'Learning by Doing'. A thematic approach is followed to stimulate children through interactive sessions, projects, surveys and other innovative activities. Emphasis on participation of each student in the curricular & co-curricular activities is given along with the strong sense of individuality.

SENIOR WING - It follows an enriched curriculum that offers in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Presentation, projects, Do-it-Yourself activities are given the utmost importance. Besides following the SCERT guidelines, the school keeps an open mind to the changing educational patterns. It stresses upon developing right study habits, value education, overall personality development and coping with peer pressure at this stage.