Principal's Message

Shri Narayan Nayak

( Principal )

Dear Parents, In just a few years Ananda Marga School, Bilaspur has evolved as a vital education centre in its locality, and with the help of our trustees, well-wishers and parents, we are striving to make it an efficacious and a progressive institution.

The education we believe in has its focus on the physical, mental, spiritual development, human values, universal love and inculcating an appetite for rationality and scientific conduct.

We started this school with 50 students and a promise to make it a center of foundational learning in the area. The school has grown in infrastructure, capacity, capability and quality over the years and we continue to live up to the expectations of our students, staff and parents.

We are committed to offer our students a holistic learning environment that provides ample opportunities to grow not just academically but also through dedicated training arrangements for students who show interest in extra-curriculum learning such as in sports, music, preparation of competitive exams etc.

I am confident that with the support of all stakeholders and contributors, our institution would go on to provide every opportunity to the young minds in order for them realize their dreams and make their parents, community and the Ananda Marga Bilaspur Family Proud!

Shri Narayan Nayak

Principal, Ananda Marga School Bilaspur