Director's Message

Acharya Chitprabhananda Avdhuta

( Director )

We, at Ananda Marga School Bilaspur believe in training our pupil in a manner that expands the faculties of their mind, inculcates a universal outlook, and teaches them the value of discipline, etiquette, character and temperament. We endeavor to create a culture of education that values the individuality of each pupil and lets them realize their inner potential.

Special importance is attached to fundamentals of imparting education in our institution – that is always based on factuality; evokes a quality of making rational judgments and awakens a thirst for knowledge; and creates a balanced environment unaffected by things exterior to quality education.

There is lasting benefit to efforts that are made to prepare strong foundations. As much as it is important to educate the present generations, it is equally important to build institutions that can formalize a tradition of good education. Our constant efforts are to do the former in order to achieve the latter.

Acharya Chitprabhananda Avdhuta

Director, Ananda Marga School Bilaspur